Thanks I think we are all running thanks to you.,

Market Director,
Communications, Information Security Officer


Yes, everything worked fine with those repairs. Thanks for following up!! If we have anything come up, you are our go to, so we will definitely let you know.


You guys have been fantastic to do business with. You keep in contact with me letting me know what's going on with my order. Most all the others I do business with it can be weeks with no contact and most of the time I am the one having to ask what's going on with my order. I get an answer I can trust from you and your team. Most all the other I deal with I can't I am told "your order is being processed I will have your quote tomorrow" a week later I still don't have my quote, nor any contact about what is going on. You and your team are easy to get along with.


I appreciate the follow-up email. Yes, the clock is finally sorted out and seems to be great working order.

IT Manager

You are simply the best!!!!
Thank you SO much for making this uncomplicated.

Have a super day!

Okay, so, you guys totally rock. I don't know what I did to deserve the way you all treat me but I appreciate it beyond words. Oh, I forgot to say thank you! Please express my thanks to all.


I really appreciate the excellent service. You guys are great.


Hi Joe – The Company we have been using is called Pegasus Computer Marketing, Inc. Below is the contact information. We have found them to be quite reliable and reasonably priced for repairs.



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