Depot Maintenance

Depot Saves Time and Money VS Onsite

It is midway through your busy day at the cash register and all has gone smoothly. You noticed early on a hiccup during the boot up process, but think, no big deal, its up and running. As you continue your line backups up, the register is now freezing, the printer fails to print receipts or the display has gone out. You call tech support and a technician is dispatched to your location, with a 4 hour window. As you shut down that line and force all your customers to another line, which is now backed up as well, all the customers are becoming impatient and angry. Your thrilled to see your technician show up 2 hours later knowing it could have been 4, but uh oh, he does not have the parts to repair the problem. His last stop required the same parts you need. It will require 24 hours before the repair can be completed.

Meanwhile, your competitor has some of his own problems, but instead of calling for someone to come out, since they trained several managers on peripheral replacement, they just go into the stock room and pull the part they need, replace it with a working device and bring the register back up, all but eliminating down time on that register line. The manager reports the problem to the help desk, boxes the defective part and ships to the Depot center for repair. The Depot center receives the defective part and sends a previously repaired part back to the manager and is put back on the shelf for future use, while the Depot repairs the bad part and places back into a pool of devices at the Depot center for other locations to pull from. The register is repaired within a matter of minutes instead of hours or days, in addition, the cost for Depot Maintenance is much lower than Onsite Repair saving not only time, but money!!

The cost to maintain a pool of devices, usually a percentage of what is in the store or stores, is much cheaper, even with shipping, then paying a contract for onsite repair and replacement. In addition, you do not have a technician standing at a register with parts all over the counter creating a messy situation when customers come to a counter with multiple registers. Some technicians replace components in a device vs replacing the complete device to repair later including leaving a dirty device and not solving other issues with a device, just that one issue. Depot Maintenance not only solves the original issue, but full testing also resolves any unseen issues plus all equipment is refurbished as close to new, at least at Pegasus Computer Marketing!

Benefits of Depot Maintenance

Parts in stock from Depot are refurbished and ready for install

Register down time is kept at a minimum to increase sales and customer satisfaction

Depot Maintenance not only saves time, but money!! Technicians to go onsite are expensive!

Happy Customers
Preventing long lines at failing registers help keep customers happy !!!

Technical Support
Technical guidance is only a phone call away, assisting managers when problems arise, not waiting on a tech to show up

Training managers and employees in problem solving on registers provides trust in the team building a stronger business!!


Onsite Benefits

Less work for Managers
Having a technician come to your location, prevents managers from having to take on a new responsibility.

Serious problems discovered
In some cases, troubleshooting a problem is much deeper than just replacing a device, but many situations an IT group can fix remotely, usually software related issues are the biggest issue.

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