Board Repairs

We can repair your failing system boards in most cases. In the event a board is unrepairable, we have boards at a much lower cost than OEM boards.

Including the system boards, we can repair readers, bio pods and boards, 
Transition boards and cable assy's, 
Remote Readers and cases
As well as the button assemblies

Intouch 9100 mainboard

Custom Parts

We implement 3d technology to
replace OEM parts or upgrade existing units with our own custom made cosmetic parts using OEM electronic components. All parts are warranted and guaranteed for 6 months. We stand behind all our designs to be free of defects and the OEM components we put in. All are tested thoroughly for fit and functionality. 
Proxy Readers,  Bio Filler Plates,
Bio reader holder plates,
internal cover plates, much more!

Custom Parts Intouch Series

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